Aboriginal Land

The La Trobe University Wildlife Reserves area was first occupied by the Aborigines (Wurundjeri). At the time it consisted of wetlands that they used for the supply of eels, mussels, fish, snakes and plants, and plains grassy woodland. (La Trobe University, 2001.)

White Settlement

White settlement began by the Europeans in 1835. The area appeared to be parkland - well spaced trees with an understorey of grasses, herbs and long grassy herbaceous plants known as forbs. It was surveyed by William Wedge-Darke for sale in 1838 and divided into sections of approximately 400 hectares, bought and sold as farms of 100 to 300 acres for sheep and wheat. (La Trobe University, 2001.)

Psychiatric Hospitals

From 1910 to 1965, Mont Park hospital development took place to treat psychiatric patients. Farm cottages were constructed including a 500,000 gallon water tank on Mount Sugar Loaf (Gresswell Hill) and gardens producing pigs, milk, grains, vegetables and fruit. During the two world wars, the hospitals were used to treat Australian soldiers returning with illnesses. (La Trobe University, 2001.)
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