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To assist in the re-establishment and preservation of the flora and fauna of the Lower Yarra Valley at La Trobe University's Wildlife Sanctuary and the Gresswell Nature Conservation Reserves in Bundoora managed by Parks Victoria.



  • To promote interest in the aim of the Wildlife Reserves within the University and the general community.
  • To encourage an awareness and appreciation of the indigenous flora and fauna and the processes which are endangering them.
  • To foster goodwill and support of the neighbours of the Wildlife Reserves.
  • To seek financial assistance for the Wildlife Reserves.

The Wildlife Reserves are located In Bundoora and include La Trobe University Wildlife Reserve, Gresswell Forest Nature Conservation Reserve, Gresswell Hill Nature Conservation Reserve and Gresswell Habitat Link Nature Conservation Reserve.


Why are the reserves important?

  • Contain over 315 native fauna species
  • One of Australia’s oldest conservation bushland regeneration projects
  • Contain the last intact stand of River Redgum / Yellow Box Grassy Woodland in the Port Phillip region
  • Have Australia’s last stand of River Redgum on Silurian soil
  • Part of the last .0001% of Plains Grassy Woodlands left in Victoria
  • Is a major educational and teaching facility
  • Forms part of the critical North East Wildlife Corridor
  • Uniquely Australia's largest and only living, breathing classroom (120 hectares).

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